Bible School Without Walls

The Word of God is going forth!

Jesus taught in synagogues as well as along the dusty roads of Samaria in informal settings. Peru Outreach's Bible School Without Walls program encompasses several different methods of edifying the body of Christ in ways other than the formal schools of ministry setting:

  • providing sound Biblically-based resources to Christian radio and cable stations

  • in conferences that promote a deeper spiritual life

  • through the 2020 Vision outreach which provides instruction by means of solar-powered DVD equipment in remote villages

  • and through the Aymara Pioneers program which provides a variety of basic Christian teaching resources in the primary langue of the Altiplano around Lake Titicaca-Aymara

The goal of the Bible Schools Without Walls to break down strongholds to set captives free and ultimately produce strong believers to go forth capable of bringing in the end-time harvest.