Called to BE Called to DO

What were you born to be?

Ps. Peter

The Book - Called to BE Called to DO

Called to BE Called to DO provides a breakthrough in understanding the "spiritual DNA" that makes you the uniquely designed person God made you to be. Once you grasp and appreciate the "grace package" that's within, finding your way in life - and discovering your true purpose and destiny - truly becomes a whole lot easier.

Based on spiritual and practical insight into the seven "endowment gifts" of Romans 12:6-8, this book written by Pastor Peter vividly portrays each grace package so that you'll be able identify your own particular gift combination and flourish in it.

As the insights of Called to BE Called to DO penetrate your mind and heart, and you learn to put them into practice, you'll find yourself well on the road to growing spiritually as God intended, developing healthier relationships and moving toward your God-ordained destiny. Pastors and church leaders will also discover a wealth of insights in this book concerning how to develop the "spiritual DNA" of their local congregation and its leadership team.

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