Our Calling

Extending The Kingdom of God

Pastor Peter's and Blanca's primary calling is to make the "God difference" in people's lives through the teaching ministry. The church in Peru, as well as the rest of South America, has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last decade - by some estimates there is at least one new congregation established every eight hours in Peru alone. This dynamic growth has created an urgent need for trained leadership to disciple the burgeoning church.

Peter and Blanca minister in local churches and work with pastors to raise up "laborers in the vineyard"- to expand the kingdom of God and fulfill the Great Commission.

The primary mission field in which they work is Peru which is remarkably diverse in terms of geography and culture - stretching from the vast jungles of the east (along the border with Brazil), to the majestic Andes Mountains, to an arid desert along the Pacific coast. As the Lord has opened doors, the network of churches that they are working with has started to expand into Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina as well.

Among the several people-groups to whom the Wollensacks are ministering are the Aymara - descendants of an ancient civilization that pre-dates the Inca Empire. In fact, the ministry of Peru Outreach has begun translating evangelistic and teaching materials into not only Spanish from English but also into the Aymara language.